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20 Nov

There are so many blogs dedicated to blogging. From tips for beginners to topics to blog about. I’m not so much interested in any of those things. I’m more interested in how easy it is to start a blog and maintain readers. Most of the information I came across says that you have to -have a topic-one specific thing that you are supposed to write about. I think that’s boring. Everyday, writing about the same thing over and over. It’s not wonder people abandon their blogs. My intention is to make this more of a personal journal of sorts. However, because I started this and wanted to do some research first, I will explore my findings. I was curious as to the statistics and demographics of the blogging community.  I looked at how many people are blogging, where they are blogging from, who is blogging and the different types of blogs.

I have yet to find and accurate number of how many people are actually blogging-I guess I will have to dig a little more. However, according to’s State of the Blogosphere (which is where I’m getting all my stats from), of those that are blogging 49% are from the US and 29% are from Europe. I think that is a huge gap.  Is it because people in the US are so vain and consumed when it comes to their own lives…me, me, me. I feel like that’s how most US citizens act. I know I’m guilty of it at times. California has the highest number of bloggers in the us at 15% and New York is 2nd with 8%. My wonderful state of Florida has 4% of bloggers, I’m going to assume that’s because most people retire here so we have a lot of old people. says that there are 4 different types of bloggers: The Hobbyist (65%) who make up the majority of bloggers. They blog for personal reasons; whether its something instructional, opinionated, struggling artists, etc. The Part-Timer (13%) blogs for supplemental income or as part of their full-time job. The Corporates (1%) while the smallest amount of bloggers are the ones who blog full-time for a company or organizations. And last but not least, The Self Employeds (21%) who blog for their own company or organization. Which raises the question, who are the bloggers?

Two-thirds of bloggers are male.  I was a little surprised by this statement.  I figured more women would be bloggers, but most men think they know everything 😉 65% of bloggers are between the ages of 18 and 44.  That is definitely not surprising. 79% of bloggers have college degrees and 43% have graduate degrees. I for one, do not belong to that demographic.  Although, I am a little surprised by this number as well.  I would have figured that those people with degrees and graduate degrees would be too busy with their work lives to blog. But to each his own! asked people what they blog about, and frankly there were a lot of different topics but the most commonly blogged topics are as follows: 18% blog about personal musings, 10% blog about technology, 8% blog about politics, 5% blog about business and a whopping 30% blog about “other”, whatever other may be.  The other topics they had listed were computers, music, religion/spirituality, travel, family updates, health, news, science, economics, environment, film, finance, gaming, parenting, real estate, sports, celebrity and television.

My research is now complete for stats and demographics.  At least, its good enough for me! I posted a link to’s State of the Blogosphere.  It is very interesting and is packed with information. Now I must learn about blogging etiquette, because I am sure I am doing this all wrong.  But it is a learning process, so bear with me.


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