We interrupt this program….

14 Dec

Last night, while I was typing up all my Christmas treat recipes for people to enjoy, a crisis occurred.

I am an animal lover. I love all animals. I have a bad habit of bringing home animals that I find wandering the streets. Because of this habit, I have 3 dogs and 2 cats. The cat’s are actually Paige’s. She had the boys (Frost and Dorian) before we even got together. I had my dog, Shane,  before we got together. Together, we got Sadie and about 2 months ago, we inherited Mercy. They are my babies and I love them like they are my children.

Shane, a German Sheppard/Chow mix,  is the oldest. She is almost 5 years-old (her birthday is sometime the week of Christmas).  I found Shane, at four weeks old, in a ditch. She was covered with fleas, completely emaciated, and an open wound on her neck. She was a mess, but so damn cute! I brought her home with me and she has been with me ever since. Sadie, a Pitbull, is the middle child. She is 2 years-old. And so needy. She has to be sitting on you, my 60 pound lap dog.  Then there is Mercy, a Greyhound/Pitbull mix and is the baby of the bunch.  She is about a year and a half. Someone in the neighborhood found her, but couldn’t take care of her, so they brought her to us. There was no way I could deny her a home.

On to the crisis. Shane had come in from outside, laid down and started convulsing, like she was having a seizer. I began to panic. I almost dropped my computer on the floor trying to get to her. Once she stopped shaking and was up and walking around, she was so weak. Wobbling and losing her balance she walked into the bedroom and threw up.  I was so worried! Paige and I rushed her to the emergency vet. They told us that she didn’t have a seizure, but she has T3-L3 spinal cord disease and IVDD-intervertebral disc disease. Basically, she has a bad back. Seriously! chats it. I had to get prescriptions filled at Wal-greens for her. Crazy, right!

Now, my poor baby is no longer to jump on and off of furniture.  Until I buy a ramp, or Paige builds one, we have to pick her up to mover her on and off furniture.  She is on strict “cage rest” for the next 3-4 weeks and on pain killers and muscle relaxers. She has a long life of pampering left. She better enjoy it!



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