New Year’s Resolution

21 Dec

Just like every woman in America, I’m thinking about doing a weight loss plan for my New Year’s resolution. I’ve never actually completed a New Year’s resolution, but I think that 2011 is my year.  I really enjoy this blogging thing, so I decided what  better way to keep my weight loss progress going than to blog about it.

I recently purchased a Wii, and so far I act like the typical video gamer.  I sit on my ass and do nothing, that is until my sweet mother bought me Dance Broadway for the Wii.  It’s great!  It gets you off your butt and gets your heart rate going.  It really is a ton of fun.  Thanks to that I came up with an idea.  What if I did a Wii weight loss challenge?  I would buy a few different weight loss games and use them for a few weeks, then see which one produces the best results.

This is obviously still in the planning stages, but I think it will be a success.  I plan on starting a whole new blog dedicated to my weight loss idea, so keep your eyes peeled for the new blog!


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