Just my luck…

27 Dec

Its only 2 days after Christmas, and one of my presents is already ruined. My mom gave me this great brown sweater for Christmas, and I was so excited because my other brown sweater (I call it my go-to brown sweater) is on its last leg. Now my new go-to brown sweater looks like it could fit my 100 pound sister. Awesome.

See, the thing is, I don’t really like shopping. I’m a big girl, and shopping depresses me. Not to mention shopping at Lane Bryant and Torrid is expensive. So, when I find something that fits at Target or Wal-Mart I get really excited.  The other problem is, I have a long torso and if I’m not careful when washing and drying my clothes they shrink and won’t cover my stomach, which is what happened.  Now, I’m in a complete rage, and I’m sure Paige is blaming herself.  I didn’t switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer, Paige did, not realizing my sweater was in with the rest of the clothes.

I know I shouldn’t be so upset, but you just don’t understand!  I have had the same clothes for about 5 years, so when I get something new, I a) wear it all the time and b) I absolutely cherish it!   Long story short, I’m angry and depressed.


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