Mother Nature is pissed at us.

28 Dec

California is still trying to clean up from the recent storms. New York and New Jersey were at a complete standstill yesterday. Now, California residents are preparing for another storm. If that isn’t Mother Nature trying to get her point across, I don’t know what is.

We have progressed so rapidly that no one really thought about the negative side effects. Now, we are paying the price. Natural disasters are a part of the “norm”. At the rate we are going the world with end in 2012.

I’m not a believer in the 12/21/12 theory. If I were the ancient man writing the calendars, I would probably have stopped long before 2012. I think he got bored and said “Okay, I’ve had enough of these damn calendars!” Having said that, I do believe that we are on the road to disaster if we don’t slow down. We move to fast, and literally don’t take time to smell the roses. Animals are dying and losing their habitats, trees are being chopped down faster than we can say, “TIMBERRRR”, and we are just now deciding that it’s a good idea to go green. Seriously? I think we are a little late on that.  Before we know it, earth is going to look like it came straight out of a scene from Wall-e.


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