2011. Boy am I glad to see you.

1 Jan

2010 has finally ended. Thank God.  It wasn’t the worst thing ever, but it wasn’t a piece of cake either.  I’m done dwelling on all the bad that happened in  2010 and I’m focused on the good that will make 2011 even better.  My top 3 things that I’m looking forward to the most in 2011-Paige’s business, family road trip, and WordPress.

Paige runs her own business, and she is expanding! It is such an exciting thing to be apart of. What an adventure.  I never planned on being in business for myself.  I always thought I would work for the man my whole life. New. Exciting. Enough said.

My sweet little cousin graduates from high school in the spring and of course I must see that.  My mom  and I decided that we would take a road trip to Cinci for her graduation.  Me, Mom, Paige and Layla making the 14-16 hour drive to Ohio.  So fun! Paige hasn’t met the whole family, and it is long overdue. Not to mention the last time the whole family was together was to spread my grandfather’s ashes, not exactly a happy time.  It will be nice to be with the family for a happy occasion!

WordPress. What can I say?  Post A Day 2011 is a stroke of genius.  As someone who is not a writer, and sometimes lacks the ability to be one, I need all the help I can get.  Being one click away from having something to write about everyday makes me feel like I can actually post something everyday in 2011.  Not only am I excited about that, I’m also excited about learning new ways to keep my blog fresh and user-friendly.  For instance, today, after about an hour or two of confusion, I figured out how to add pages within one specific page.  Does that make sense?  Also, I learned how to create page jumps. So cool! Thank you WordPress, you are amazing.

I’m not even 24 hours into 2011 and I think I’m off to a great start! What are you most excited about in 2011?


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