You don’t have to be the first, just the last.

7 Jan

You know how much I have enjoyed this blogging thing and you have been my number 1 supporter. I know this might seem strange, but I thought you might like a dedication for all the world to see. Or, at least whoever clicks on it.

I want you to know something.  I love you.  I love you more than you will ever know.   Every time I look at you I still get butterflies in my stomach.  I love telling people the story of how we met because it was really fate and just so cute! When I watch movies for the hopeless romantics I always think how lucky I am because I got my happily ever after.

You are my whole world.  And without you I doubt I would have made it through the past 2 years. Thank you.  Thank you for always being there and putting up with my insane moments.  Thank you for making my try new things and introducing me to an array of fantastic movies.  Thank you for the best vacation ever to NYC.  Thank you.  I can’t say it enough, and I bet if I say it to many times it will get annoying.

I’ve been so excited about this new year, mostly because of you. This year will be our best yet because we are going to conquer it together.

I love you, Paige. Always have, always will. You are it for me.  Sorry your stuck 😉


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