What is this “Snow Day” you speak of?

9 Jan

I’ve lived in Florida for 15 years.  I have never once seen snow fall in Florida.  I’ve heard of it snowing, but I’ve never seen it.  There have been days where a bit of frost covered the ground and would crunch under your feet when you walked on grass.  There have even been a couple of times where I sat in my car wishing I had an ice scraper because my wind shield was hidden under a layer of ice. However, those days are few and far between.

Instead of snow days, we have hurricane days. They are kind of the same.  Except, most of the hurricane days I’ve had were false alarms.  No hurricanes. Just bright and sunny days.  Those days were obviously my favorite as a kid and an adult.  On hurricane days, Floridians typically go to the beach, provided the hurricane warning was a dud.  Usually the storm is close enough to create nice waves in the gulf, and people like to attempt surfing.  Living on the gulf coast typically means no “surf worthy” waves, so in the event of a storm this is the only opportunity for the avid surfer to catch a decent wave or two.


2 Responses to “What is this “Snow Day” you speak of?”

  1. humanitarikim January 10, 2011 at 9:29 am #

    I would much prefer hurricane warnings over snow days. I despise the cold. Luckily, since I live in Texas, actual snow days do not come often. It is 30 degrees this morning, however. 😦

    • Chloe Sullivan January 10, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

      I love the cold! See, I have this theory, you can always put more on to stay warm. If you’re hot, you can only take off so much before people start looking at you funny 😉

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