Two Girls Turn 21 in New York City-Part 2

12 Jan

We hardly slept the night before our flight.  We were so excited.  After all, I had a bad couple of weeks before our trip and this was the only thing I was really excited about after my grandfather passed. We had everything planned out. From what we were going to do and see to how we were going to “freshen up” everyday.

Once we got off the plane and collected our bags, we set out to stand in the taxi line.  Before we made it to the taxi line we were approached by a limo driver.  He told us that for $40 he would take 4 of us to wherever we wanted to go in the city.  We thought this was great except there was only the 2 of us.  The driver pointed to 2 other girls that were on the same flight as us and said they were will to share the limo.  I immediately could tell that Ashley was “interested” in one of the girls and that we would be riding in the limo with 2 total strangers.

It was the worst idea ever.  They were fugitives on the run! Just kidding!  Aimee and Michelle were the 2 most harmless people you would meet.  As a matter of fact, Aimee and I are still good friends.  Aimee and Michelle were there because Aimee won an all expenses paid trip through one of Tampa’s local radio stations.

We chatted on the limo ride, and Ashley and I told them about how we had nowhere to stay and we were celebrating out 21st birthdays, etc.  They must have pitied us because Aimee offered to have us to stay with them for the weekend.  There was one stipulation. We had to buy Aimee a slice of New York pizza.  How could we turn that down? We went from having to “freshen up” in the bathrooms at Grand Central Station to staying in a 4 star hotel one block away from Time Square.

The weekend couldn’t have turned out any better. We celebrated our birthdays in style and made a great friend along the way. My first trip to New York City was a success and one of the most memorable moments of my life.


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