16 Jan

Do you think things happen for a reason? Ummmm, yeah.  I do.  Everyone brace yourselves for the best love story of all time.  Okay, so maybe its not the best.  However, it does prove the theory. Paige and I love to tell this story.  It makes people go “aaawwww”.

In April 2008, my ex and I finally ended things. It was a horrible break-up, which was appropriate for the bad and toxic four-year relationship. I was a wreck.  I had to live in the same house with her for 4 months, which as you can imagine, is awful.

I came home for my sister’s graduation in May and I brought my friend Aimee with me (yup that’s right, Aimee from my NYC story). It was Memorial Day weekend, so we decided to go to the only bar that had anything happening on a Sunday night.  Aimee’s friends were meeting us there too. That is when I first met Paige.

She was so quiet, but I though she was so cute. After a few drinks we both became a little more social.  We got on the topic of how old everyone was, and Paige says she is turning 30 in less than a month.

“No way.  You are lying.  You don’t even look like you’re old enough to drink! Give me your driver’s license”, I exclaimed in a partially drunken out burst.

Paige hands me her driver’s license and says, “You couldn’t even do the math.”

I was shocked!  Paige was so ballsy, and I thought it was super sexy!  After a few moments of Paige trying back pedal and apologizing like a crazy person, I told her that I was keeping her driver’s license and she was going to have to work to get it back. She failed.  By the end of the night we both forgot I had her driver’s license and Paige almost left without it.  I just handed it back to her and we said our good-byes.  I tried to get Aimee to call her friends up for the rest of the trip, but this time I failed.  I thought I would never ever see her again.

July 2008.  I was back home because I just came back from a trip to Michigan with my family.  Again, I was with Aimee. She was like my wing man.  Anyways, we went to a club because Jackie Warner from the show Workout was going to be there. So, we are standing in line, and guess who walks up! Paige!  I knew at that moment it was fate.

The rest is history.  I found my one and only and I couldn’t be happier.


One Response to “Fate.”

  1. humanitarikim January 16, 2011 at 11:48 pm #

    I do think that when people are supposed to be a part of your life they keep showing up, randomly. Glad you had the opportunity to find someone who makes you happy!

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