Family of Choice

6 Feb

Today, I received a message from a friend who had lost her way for a while. Well, friend is not really the correct term.  She is more like family, like another little sister. In her letter she told me how sorry she was for betraying my trust and how much she missed our “little family”.  She had really hit a rough patch and I wasn’t there for her. Not for lack of trying, but it came to a point where she had to fall and I couldn’t be there to catch her.

I wrote her back, and as I was proof reading I had an epiphany.  They say that “blood family” will always be there for you, but as I’ve grown up I’ve realized that it’s not always true.  It’s certainly not true for my family or Paige’s family. I’m okay with that, because I don’t think that being related by blood is the only way to be a family.

In recent years, I’ve chosen a select few to be apart of MY family.  The people I want to raise my children around. That’s right. I’ve CHOSEN them. Sometimes, I think it’s the best family and just like any normal family, we have our own issues.  However, my family of choice has been there for me more than my real family.



One Response to “Family of Choice”

  1. Bettie Gonzalez February 8, 2011 at 7:18 pm #

    I feel the same way, I have extended family I just stopped considering family for their behavior.

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