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North Carolina…Home Sweet Home

20 Feb

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I moved to North Carolina. Asheville, North Carolina more specifically. Best. Decision. Ever. If you have never been to Asheville stop everything you are doing and start planning a trip (after you finish reading my blog of course!). Seriously though, the Asheville area has so much to offer from hiking and rafting to breweries and hippy drum circles.

The decision to move was a quick and easy one to make.  I decided on May 26, 2011 to move and left Tampa just over a month later on July 1st, 2011. Here’s how crazy I am…

When I decided to move I had no job or home to go to.  I had been in touch with a couple who were renting a house in exchange for work on their farm, but that was the only connection I had made.  I figured it was going to be 4th of July weekend and I could camp for a little while and take a mini vacation before I really had to start job/house hunting.  I camped for 5 days, met with the couple on the farm and moved in on the 6th day. Three days later, I had a job as a nanny. Who gets that lucky???? Me, apparently.  I have never been so happy or at peace in my whole life. I finally feel like I have found home, and even though my family is still in Tampa and I miss them all the time, I would rather be here on my own than in Tampa feeling lost and out-of-place.

Did I mention that I had never even stepped foot in the state of North Carolina before moving here? I’ve never even driven through the state. Crazy, I know.  It was almost like throwing a dart at a map and fate said “Chloe, Asheville will be your home forever”. I’m crazy in love!


A Triumphant Return

19 Feb

Where do I start? It has been 9 long months since I last posted anything. I’ve stared at the screen for a good 30 minutes trying to get my fingers moving across the keyboard. Not to mention, the last few days I’ve racked my brain for what to say! I’m afraid I will over compensate in this post and put everything that has been on my mind for the last 9 months in this  one post. Instead of bombarding you will a novel I will just list a few things I intend to post over the next few days.

1) I’ve moved to North Carolina.

2) I’m starting a garden.

3) I’m still trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.

The first one is probably the most important and exciting. The other two are a little more mundane. However, I’m very excited to be back in action.  So, here’s to my return to the blogosphere!

Changed My Mind

10 Feb

I had a blog prepared for today, but you will just have to wait. I decided to use it as a guest blog post. When the post is ready I will be sure to let you know!

Trust Me. There Is No Point In Reading This.

5 Feb

I just needed to get my Post A Day in. I know I’ve said this like a million times, but my weekend creativity is non-existent. I don’t know why and it drives me a little crazy.

My Dream Job

1 Feb

It’s funny that today’s topic has been something I’ve been talking about a lot lately. Well, an internal conversation really. I’ve battled with the idea of what I want to be when I “grow up”. Then, the other day I finally came to a conclusion-I know what I want.

Since before I joined the tax paying society I have always worked with children. Whether it was running an after school program, babysitting or working for Child Protective Services-working with children is what makes me happy and excited to keep going back. So, when I think about my future and my dream job, I always come back to children. Always.

My dream job is to be a mother.  That’s all I have thought about.  I’ve got baby fever and I have had it for some time. This hasn’t been the easiest decision to come to, but after a conversation with my cousin (who is a mother of 3 with a 4th on the way) I know deep in my heart that being a mom is the one thing I really want to do.

Resolution Update: Jillian Michaels And Blogging

30 Jan

January is almost over and its time for a resolution update.  By this time people are still kicking ass with their resolutions, but with Valentine’s Day just around the corner it won’t be long before people start falling off the bandwagon. I will not be one of those people. I am determined to keep my streak going strong and all you readers are my accountability buddies.

Thus far, I have managed to blog every day. There have been the good, the bad and the ugly, but it got done.  There are days where blogging feels like a chore, although those days are few and far between.  I still haven’t quite figured out where I want this blog to go, but for now, I like where it is.  I enjoy writing about something different everyday.  I love reading other blogs. Oh, and to my surprise people actually like what I have to say.  It makes my day so much more enjoyable because I look forward to blogging.

unfortunately, there is one thing I don’t really look forward to. The dreaded workout. Recently, my sweet mother gave me the Eliptical she purchased a few months ago on a whim.  I’ve been so happy to have it because I don’t really live in the best neighborhood for me to run or walk alone.  The other wonderful thing about the Eliptical-Jillian Michaels talks to me the whole way through.  It’s a great program that kicks my butt every time I get on the machine.  Up to this point, it hasn’t been so dreadful.  I’ve begun to really enjoy working out.  I like to put on RENT or The Best Little Whore House In Texas and stride along with my favorite show tunes.  Now, because of my new-found enjoyment and yummy fruits and veggies I have lost almost 10 pounds!

Thus far, 2011 has been good to me.  I am proud of what I have accomplished in the short time.  I just hope to keep it going.  With the support of my wonderful partner and my readers I will reach my goals!

Smallville Was Cancelled This Week…WTF??

29 Jan

This is my vent session.  I suppose it’s good that the only thing that I really want to vent about is the fact that my favorite show ever was pushed back one more week.  I’m sure it sounds silly, but I would rather vent about something that won’t really affect me in the long run as opposed to something that I probably will always be angry about, like our government.  But, I’m not going to go there.  I want to keep my vent somewhat light-hearted.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I love Smallville.  Addicted really.  The first season is on my TV now as background noise.  Quick synopsis: Smallville is about the early days of Clark Kent.  He is trying to discover who he is and what destiny has in store for him.  If you have never seen it, but love Superman, I suggest you watch it,  You won’t be disappointed.

Anyways, Smallville took a holiday hiatus and after six weeks of much anticipation the CW network decided to pull it at the last-minute and push it back one more week.  I was infurriated, as was the rest of my household (Paige and Layla).  This is the one show we all sit down and watch as a family.  We are so dedicated in fact that the rest of our friends and family know on Fridays from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. we are not to be bothered.  Unless in extreme cases of emergency.  Not kidding.

We still don’t know the reason CW cancelled Smallville  last night.  Some say it was because American Idol was on and they didn’t want Smallville to lose viewers because of it.  FYI: Smallville fans are completely dedicated to Smallville.  Most fans have watched since the show started 10 years ago.  Yes, ten years!  Just because some silly talent show (don’t get me wrong I love American Idol, but that’s a later post) is on TV doesn’t mean fans will just stop watching.  Especially after 6 weeks of previews and hype about the amazing new episode.

Fans were outraged.  I checked out discussion boards on Facebook and people were pissed.  I understand.  It was like a slap in the face and they only reported the cancellation about 15 hours before the show was supposed to air. I’m not so angry about it now.  One more week and my beloved show will be back, but my heart was crushed for a moment by CW’s lack of compassion.

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