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A Triumphant Return

19 Feb

Where do I start? It has been 9 long months since I last posted anything. I’ve stared at the screen for a good 30 minutes trying to get my fingers moving across the keyboard. Not to mention, the last few days I’ve racked my brain for what to say! I’m afraid I will over compensate in this post and put everything that has been on my mind for the last 9 months in this  one post. Instead of bombarding you will a novel I will just list a few things I intend to post over the next few days.

1) I’ve moved to North Carolina.

2) I’m starting a garden.

3) I’m still trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.

The first one is probably the most important and exciting. The other two are a little more mundane. However, I’m very excited to be back in action.  So, here’s to my return to the blogosphere!


A Long Sabbatical

28 Mar

Yes, I know.  I have failed in my Post A Day challenge.  I don’t want to make excuses, but I have few anyways!

Currently, I have no internet access at my home.  It’s a long story that involves a serious love/hate relationship between me and my internet service provider.  So, for now I am having to hoof it to the library if I want to use the internet.  And when I say “hoof it”, I mean that literally.  Paige and I share a vehicle and she is gone most of the day working which leaves me and my two legs for transportation.

It’s not like the library is far.  Actually, it is probably less than a quarter-mile from my house.  I’m just lazy.  Yup, that’s right, just plain ol’ lazy! Well, not all of it is laziness, some of it is fear.  I don’t live in the best part of town, if you know what I mean, and I am the worlds most paranoid person.  It takes me forever to fall asleep at night because every rustle of the leaves, creak, or any other noise sends me into a paranoid frenzy. It really is a serious problem.

Anyway, maybe I will start walking up to the library every day just so I can get my posts done. At least it would give me a bit of exercise too.  Killing two birds with one stone.  I suppose if I didn’t make it to the library every day I could use my Blackberry.  I do have the WordPress App installed, but for me, I think its useless.  Sorry if I offend anyone, but it’s really difficult to use.  I can’t get pictures exactly where I want them, I hate the “phone draft” thing, and you have to constantly refresh the app to have all your drafts current.  Maybe its just me, but I just don’t like it.  Not to mention, typing a whole post using the tiny little keyboard is annoying.

So there you have it. My not so good excuses for not posting everyday.  I will seriously make the effort to post everyday even though it’s a bit more difficult.  I really have missed blogging.

Epic Fail

9 Feb

Well, I did it. I missed a day of blogging. It’s probably for the best. I was in a not-so-great mood yesterday. Therefore, my blog would have probably been very pessimistic.

The skipped day was good for me. I was starting to feel like I was blogging everyday just to get keep up with my Post A Day.

Speaking of Post A Day, I have decided I think the topics are sort of lame. No offense to anyone who likes them, but every time I check the topic I feel like I can answer in one paragraph, sometimes in one sentence. Then again, I guess that’s something that doesn’t make me a writer. Not to mention, I feel like I’m trying to write a 5 paragraph essay like in 8th grade.

I really hope this is just a lack of motivation that is going to pass.  I really like blogging, but I don’t want it to start feeling like a chore.  I’m teetering on the brink of losing interesting which will make this just one more thing to add to my list of things I’ve never finished.

Wow, now that I think about it, I guess my pessimism ran on into today. After all, it is only 1:29 a.m., so my not-so-good mood is still lingering.

Resolution Update: Jillian Michaels And Blogging

30 Jan

January is almost over and its time for a resolution update.  By this time people are still kicking ass with their resolutions, but with Valentine’s Day just around the corner it won’t be long before people start falling off the bandwagon. I will not be one of those people. I am determined to keep my streak going strong and all you readers are my accountability buddies.

Thus far, I have managed to blog every day. There have been the good, the bad and the ugly, but it got done.  There are days where blogging feels like a chore, although those days are few and far between.  I still haven’t quite figured out where I want this blog to go, but for now, I like where it is.  I enjoy writing about something different everyday.  I love reading other blogs. Oh, and to my surprise people actually like what I have to say.  It makes my day so much more enjoyable because I look forward to blogging.

unfortunately, there is one thing I don’t really look forward to. The dreaded workout. Recently, my sweet mother gave me the Eliptical she purchased a few months ago on a whim.  I’ve been so happy to have it because I don’t really live in the best neighborhood for me to run or walk alone.  The other wonderful thing about the Eliptical-Jillian Michaels talks to me the whole way through.  It’s a great program that kicks my butt every time I get on the machine.  Up to this point, it hasn’t been so dreadful.  I’ve begun to really enjoy working out.  I like to put on RENT or The Best Little Whore House In Texas and stride along with my favorite show tunes.  Now, because of my new-found enjoyment and yummy fruits and veggies I have lost almost 10 pounds!

Thus far, 2011 has been good to me.  I am proud of what I have accomplished in the short time.  I just hope to keep it going.  With the support of my wonderful partner and my readers I will reach my goals!

People do read these things!

17 Jan

A few days ago The Daily Post topic was why you started blogging.  I didn’t post anything on that topic because my very first post, There’s a fist time for everything, pretty much answered the question. However, now that I’ve thought about it more and more, I think it’s time to expand on that particular post.

I have blogged for almost 2 months now, and I love it.  I’m on WordPress more than I’m on Facebook.  To be honest, it is the first thing I check every morning.  I am addicted.  When my adventure began I thought blogs were kind of silly.  Did people actually read blogs (hence my blog title)?  The only time I ever read blogs was if I was searching for something on the internet, like a recipe or a knitting pattern. Now, I read at least 2 different blogs a day, and I’m constantly searching for a new blog to read and learn from. This world is AMAZING!

To date, I have received over 100 views, 2 subscribers and I’ve also discovered a few blogs with my blog in their blog roll. Not to mention all the positive comments. I recently received a comment from scriptorobscura, and this is was she wrote:

“In response to your blog title, yes, they do. And they like them! Very much! :)”

In one short comment, she made every fear and concern melt away.  She also gave me the inspiration to write this blog.

So, to all those who have read my blog, I dedicate this to you.  You are the reason I keep writing, even if its something completely ridiculous. If this is the only resolution I keep, it’s because of the readers.  I would hate to let you down.

Focus, focus, focus

7 Jan

It’s easy for me to get focused.  If it’s a short-term thing that needs to get done, it gets done. My recipe for getting focused? Number 1: Preparation.  I gather everything I need for my project from the computer to a drink to a bathroom break before I start. If you have everything you need right in front of you, you won’t be interrupted by all the “Oh, I forgot something”. I like to make a list.  Lists are good, it helps with priorities and organization. Number 2: Organization.  For me, everything must be organized.  I can’t focus, let alone work if everything is in disarray. I like things in their proper place. Call it what you will, but it helps! Number 3: Background Noise.  I don’t know what it is, but silence freaks me out.  I’m a little paranoid some times and tend to become scared easily.  Its one of my biggest issues-I’m working on it. I must have some music on or the TV on.  Not loud, just loud enough for me to hear once I pull myself out of deep thought.

Now, if we are talking about a long-term thing, well, that’s a different ball game. Starting this blog was focus challenge.  To see how long I could actually keep myself blogging.  I have this problem where I get so focused on something that I become uninterested after a short time.  I’ve started a million different things, and haven’t finished a single one (except for 2 knitting projects, but that is still new to me). I think part of my problem is I throw my self completely into something and then I burn out.

Now, its time for a change.  It’s time for me to actually complete something and it starts now.  Thus far, and with much help from The Daily Post at WordPress, I’ve managed to complete 7 days of blogs in a row.  This is a huge accomplishment and I am proud.

Blogging Topic: Blogging

20 Nov

There are so many blogs dedicated to blogging. From tips for beginners to topics to blog about. I’m not so much interested in any of those things. I’m more interested in how easy it is to start a blog and maintain readers. Most of the information I came across says that you have to -have a topic-one specific thing that you are supposed to write about. I think that’s boring. Everyday, writing about the same thing over and over. It’s not wonder people abandon their blogs. My intention is to make this more of a personal journal of sorts. However, because I started this and wanted to do some research first, I will explore my findings. I was curious as to the statistics and demographics of the blogging community.  I looked at how many people are blogging, where they are blogging from, who is blogging and the different types of blogs.

I have yet to find and accurate number of how many people are actually blogging-I guess I will have to dig a little more. However, according to Technorati.com’s State of the Blogosphere (which is where I’m getting all my stats from), of those that are blogging 49% are from the US and 29% are from Europe. I think that is a huge gap.  Is it because people in the US are so vain and consumed when it comes to their own lives…me, me, me. I feel like that’s how most US citizens act. I know I’m guilty of it at times. California has the highest number of bloggers in the us at 15% and New York is 2nd with 8%. My wonderful state of Florida has 4% of bloggers, I’m going to assume that’s because most people retire here so we have a lot of old people.

Technorati.com says that there are 4 different types of bloggers: The Hobbyist (65%) who make up the majority of bloggers. They blog for personal reasons; whether its something instructional, opinionated, struggling artists, etc. The Part-Timer (13%) blogs for supplemental income or as part of their full-time job. The Corporates (1%) while the smallest amount of bloggers are the ones who blog full-time for a company or organizations. And last but not least, The Self Employeds (21%) who blog for their own company or organization. Which raises the question, who are the bloggers?

Two-thirds of bloggers are male.  I was a little surprised by this statement.  I figured more women would be bloggers, but most men think they know everything 😉 65% of bloggers are between the ages of 18 and 44.  That is definitely not surprising. 79% of bloggers have college degrees and 43% have graduate degrees. I for one, do not belong to that demographic.  Although, I am a little surprised by this number as well.  I would have figured that those people with degrees and graduate degrees would be too busy with their work lives to blog. But to each his own!

Technorati.com asked people what they blog about, and frankly there were a lot of different topics but the most commonly blogged topics are as follows: 18% blog about personal musings, 10% blog about technology, 8% blog about politics, 5% blog about business and a whopping 30% blog about “other”, whatever other may be.  The other topics they had listed were computers, music, religion/spirituality, travel, family updates, health, news, science, economics, environment, film, finance, gaming, parenting, real estate, sports, celebrity and television.

My research is now complete for stats and demographics.  At least, its good enough for me! I posted a link to Technorati.com’s State of the Blogosphere.  It is very interesting and is packed with information. Now I must learn about blogging etiquette, because I am sure I am doing this all wrong.  But it is a learning process, so bear with me.

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